The hospital maintains a special logistics sector responsible for the procurement of:

  • food;
  • cleaning materials;
  • connectivity equipment;
  • building materials;
  • uniforms;
  • technical services;
  • transport;
  • infrastructure repairs;

This is done by keeping relevant records and developing reports as per the applicable regulations.

Additional responsibilities of the logistics:

  • carrying out building projects;
  • environment protection;
  • providing the Hospital with emergency power sources, electricity, water and heating


These tasks are performed by respective sections of the Sector:

  • procurement section;
  • technical and equipment section;
  • materials section:

- laundry

- kitchen

  • technical and commercial section;
  • „Dom Medyka”.

Lt.Col. Maciej Wysota, MSc
Head of the Logistics Sector, Research Hospital
tel.+48 261 417 410

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