Occupational Safety and Health

The OSH matters are handled by a separate division solid line reporting to the Hospital’s Head. The division provides OSH advice and conducts OSH inspections to facilitate fulfilment of the employer’s obligations specified in the Labour Code, that is protection of employees’ life and health by ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions.

OSH Team’s tasks:

  • Inspection of working conditions and compliance with OSH regulations;
  • Developing periodic OSH analyses and submitting them to the Head;
  • Participation in developing collective labour agreements, OSH internal orders, regulations and instructions;
  • Identification of circumstances and causes of occupational accidents and events that could lead to accidents;
  • Participation in risk identification at workstations and occupational risk assessment;
  • Cooperation with the Scientific Research Department in providing sufficient OSH trainings;
  • Cooperation with the Social Labour Inspector and the doctor responsible for providing employee preventive healthcare;
  • Advice on application of OSH rules and regulations;
  • Promotion of OSH issues and work ergonomics.

OSH Specialist – Jakub Szuflicki, MSc

phone: +48 261 416 225

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