Protection Sector

Protection Sector has responsibilities in ensuring compliance with classified data protection regulations, systems and telecommunications safety and physical protection of the Hospital’s premises.

Protection’s tasks:

  • classified data protection;
  • providing security for persons and property;
  • protection of telecommunications system and network where classified data are generated, processed, stored or transmitted;
  • protection of classified information and compliance with classified data protection regulations;
  • periodic control of records, materials, and documents circulation;
  • development of the Hospital’s classified data protection plans and supervision of their implementation;
  • keeping the Hospital’s records;
  • supervision of personal data protection.

Units involved in fulfilment of the responsibilities:

  • office and archive section: non-classified office, classified office, mobilisation office, medical archives
  • Hospital Head’s Office;
  • security guards;
  • classified documents processing station.

Head’s Representative for Classified Data Protection – Marek Powała, MA

phone +48 261 417 400

Non-classified office – phone +48 261 416 199, fax.+48 261 416 110

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