Central Sterilization Department

Central Sterilization Department

The Central Sterilization Department was opened on 1 July 1985. It was the first such department in the military healthcare. It was a huge challenge for the team and a reason for them to be proud of.


25 years later, on 9 September 2010, a new Central Sterilization Department was launched in a newly build space below the Integrated Operating Block. Currently, it is among the most modern such departments in Poland. It constitutes an important link in the epidemiologic safety chain for the patient, as well as a key component of the hospital’s technical infrastructure assessment. The combined area of 788.85 m2 houses the most modern devices manufactured by Belimed, a Swiss medical brand, which are necessary for the operation of this large ward, vital for the regional healthcare. The Central Sterilization Department is equipped with three 10-tray instrument washing units, a large washing unit, trolley and container disinfection unit, two 9-part steam sterilizers, one 4-part double-function sterilizer (formaldehyde or steam), and one plasma sterilizer. All devices and the entire instrument cleaning system are monitored by computer software. A computer system is used to ensure full records of all washing, disinfection and sterilization processes, based on barcode marking. The system stores information on every single parameter and action performed by personnel and devices, needed to produce a final medical product.



Zofia SALA

Central Sterylization Department Manager

10th Military Research Hospital and Polyclinic
Independent Public Healthcare Centre
in Bydgoszcz

tel. +48 261 417 272






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