Medical Analysis Department


There are two laboratories in the Medical Analysis Department:

  • Hospital Infection Laboratory;
  • Toxicology Laboratory.

The Hospital Infection Laboratory is responsible for monitoring microbiological tests of our patients, analysing them every quarter and registering alert micro-organisms. The lab is a member of the Hospital Infection Team and the Antibiotics Therapy Team; it supports clinicians in interpretation of microbiological tests and monitors applied antibiotics therapies. Furthermore, it conducts trainings for all professions in the hospital on prevention of infections, antibiotic therapy and performance of microbiological tests.

The Toxicology Laboratory performs a wide range of analyses in respect of toxic substances as well as monitored medication therapy for the purposes of the hospital, the Military Medical Board and external entities.


Joanna Sierzputowska, MD PhD

microbiology consultant

Medical Analysis Department Manager

10th Military Research Hospital and Polyclinic
Independent Public Healthcare Centre
in Bydgoszcz

tel. +48 261 417 258


Edyta Onasz, MAjunior assistant

Bernardetta Królsenior technician



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