Medical Radiology Clinical Department


About the Department


The Medical Radiology Department includes:


  • vascular examination laboratory;
  • ultrasound examination laboratory;
  • traditional radiology laboratory;
  • magnetic resonance laboratory;
  • computed tomography laboratory;
  • generally accessible laboratories:

    • mammography laboratory,
    • ultrasound laboratory,
    • radiology laboratory.


The Medical Radiology Department is one of the most modern units in the Polish Army and the macroregion, providing services to patients from the entire country. The Department is on duty 24 hours a day for the Hospital patients and other residents of Bydgoszcz. Every year, over 100,000 examinations and approximately 10,000 CT scans as well as 7,000 MR examinations are conducted at the Department. It also carries out numerous interdisciplinary examinations in which radiologist must participate, these include diagnostic and therapeutic biopsies under X-ray, US, CT or MRI guidance, thermoablation, thermal resection, stereotactic brain surgery, vertebroplasty and other. The diagnostics and vascular intervention laboratory performs a full range of therapeutic examinations, which include such modern techniques as aortic aneurysm repair (aortic stent-grafts), peripheral stents, cerebral aneurysm repair, embolization of angiomas, fistulas and cancerous tumours. The magnetic resonance laboratory implements the most advanced diagnostic procedures, such as diffusion tests, perfusion tests, MRI spectroscopy, functional examinations (cortical centre mapping), whole body examinations and ‘total spine’ examinations. An advanced CT image processing software is used to perform non-invasive examinations of the large intestine (virtual colonoscopy), bronchi (virtual bronchoscopy), vessels (peripheral and cerebral angiography, angiography of abdominal vessels, as well as CT coronarography). The Department also performs CUN perfusion examinations. In January 2008, the Department obtained the latest AGFA product – namely IMPAX 6.3 for processing, storage and sharing of medical details, based on digital radiography. The year 2009 saw a full update of the X-ray and diagnostics equipment at the conventional radiology laboratory and mammography laboratory.

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