Nuclear Medicine Department


Nuclear Medicine Department

The Nuclear Medicine Department has been in operation ever since the hospital opened in 1985. It employs qualified staff and uses latest equipment. The employees constantly improve their qualifications, and they participate in nuclear medicine conventions and trainings.

The Department provides a full range of services for both the Hospital’s wards as well as specialist clinics in the whole of the kujawsko-pomorskie province, and even for patients from other provinces.

The Nuclear Medicine Department consists of:

  • hormonal laboratory;
  • therapeutic laboratory;
  • scintygraphy laboratory;

All of these laboratories use top class modern diagnostics equipment.

Appointments with the Nuclear Medicine Department.

Tel: +48 261 417 264, +48 261 417 265

The Department is open Monday to Friday, 8am – 1pm


Instructions for Patients Treated with Iodine 131 (pl)
Instructions for Patients Treated with Strontium 89 (pl)
Instructions for Patients who Have Been Administered Isotope Samarium 153 (pl)

Referral for Diagnostics Test at the Hospital
131J Therapy Referral
Sr, Sm Therapy Referral

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