The Urology and Urologic Oncology Clinical Ward


About the Ward


The Urology and Urologic Oncology Clinical Ward deals with:

  1. Diagnosing and treatment of defects and non-inflammatory kidney diseases (uretero-pelvic junction stricture, hydronephrosis, renal calculus, tumours) – full range of conventional surgical procedures, endoscopic procedures (PCNL) and laparoscopic procedures, including nephron sparing surgeries and laser assisted procedures. 
  2. Treatment of defects and diseases of ureters, including plastic surgeries of junction stricture, megaureters, URSL.   
  3. Diagnosing and operative treatment of the urinary bladder (fibrosis, distension, calculosis, diverticulum, tumours, haemorrhagic inflammations, dysfunctions) – full range of diagnostic procedures (cystoscopy, biopsy, urodynamic testing, intravesical infusion), operative procedures (reconstructive operation, tumour removal (TURBT), lithotrypsis, bladder removal, supravesical urinary diversion, neobladder or urine reservoir formation, operative treatment of urinal incontinence in females and males and medical procedures (intravesical infusion).
  4. Diagnosing and treatment of inflammatory and neoplastic diseases of the prostate (full histopathology, laboratory and bacteriologic diagnostics) – full range of conventional and low-invasive surgical procedures using the most advanced laser endoscopy and laparoscopic techniques (TURP, laser enucleation, adenomectomy, prostatectomy). Laser enucleation of the prostate (TmLEP) – the only low-invasive technique routinely performed in Poland.
  5. Diagnosing and treatment of testicles, phallus and urethra (developmental defects, atrophies, stenosis, tumours, hygroma) – conventional surgical procedures, including reconstructive and endoscopic operations using laser and imaging techniques.
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