Orthopaedics and Motor System Surgery Unit

About the Unit

The Orthopaedics and Motor System Surgery staff have popularised many surgical methods in our region, such as:

  • Birmingham Hip Resurfacing;
  • unicompartmental prosthetic knee arthroplasty;
  • MTP I joint implants;
  • shoulder and hip joints arthroscopy;
  • application of bioabsorbable implants for osteosynthesis;
  • treatment of bone fracture complications with the use of external instruments.

At the Orthopaedics and Motor System Trauma Surgery Unit, the following surgical procedures are performed:

  • endoprosthetics using cemented and uncemented stems – primary and revision joint replacement (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle, MTP I), including with a short hip joint stem and uncemented knee joint stem;
  • joint arthroscopies with ACL reconstruction, with the use of bioabsorbable pins;
  • arthroscopic reconstruction of the shoulder joint acetabular lip;
  • arthroscopic neurolyses of the median nerve;
  • treatment of synostosis complications;
  • intramedullar fixation of long bone fractures;
  • fracture fixation with volar locking plates, using latest techniques and world class equipment.

The staff of our Unit have participated in 6 international research programmes, including stages 3 and 4. Most of the staff have undergone training in clinical research principles (GCP). They have attended both national as well as international Conferences and Congresses of Orthopaedic Societies, presenting and publishing numerous scientific papers, in places like Verona, London, Tuttlingen, Berlin, Hinterzarten, Helsinki, Rhodes, Las Vegas, Oxford, Prague, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cologne, Vienna, Vilnius, Karlskrona, Krakow, Katowice, Białowieża, Rowy, Wdzydze, Poznań, Łódź, Warsaw, Radom, Jurata, Międzyzdroje, Szklarska Poręba. This has led to PhDs in medicine for three of our assistants, and another one started their doctoral studies. Twenty doctors completed their 1st
and 2nd degrees of consultant training. Our Unit’s team has organized the Polish Army Orthopaedist Conference twice (1985 and 2005).

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