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Integrated Management System

In a constant endeavour to improve quality of medical services, the hospital has developed modern ISO based management methods. Management system implementation was a complex process, involving great commitment on the part of the entire hospital staff. The headquarters of the hospital decided to implement a system that would embrace all units, wards, departments and other divisions. It was resolved that the following standards should be included in the Integrated Management System:

System implementation preparatory stage comprised:

  1. appointment of a representative for the IMS and process leaders,
  2. establishment of the Hospital’s Quality Policy, Environmental Policy and Mission,
  3. formulation of quality and environmental objectives,
  4. formulation of the Hospital’s main activities,
  5. development of system and operating documents

Hospital’s Mission and Policy

The implementation of the Integrated Management System and award of the certificates confirms high quality of medical services and obligates the hospital to a constant quality improvement. The main assumption of the system is a continuous advancement towards an improvement in the operating efficiency. The hospital has taken up a great challenge of implementing approval standards developed by the Approval Centre for Quality Monitoring in Healthcare. Based on the review report, the Approval Committee appointed by the Minister of Health awarded the hospital the Approved Hospital status.