Ambulance transport

Ambulance transport

Pursuant to article 41, sections 1 and 2, of the Public Financing of Healthcare Services Act dated (Journal of Laws 2008, no. 164, item 1027, as amended), each patient is entitled to be taken free of charge to the nearest healthcare centre by ambulance if:

  1. Treatment must be administered immediately at a healthcare centre;
  2. Continuity of treatment must be maintained;
  3. The patient must be seen, but due to injury they are unable to use public transport.

Insured patients may also use ambulance transport in other cases than those listed above, subject to partial payment of 60% or 100% payment.

Patients will pay 60% for ambulance transport if they are deemed by the doctor to be able to travel without being permanently aided by another person but require assistance while travelling by public transport or must use means of public transport adapted for disabled persons (Journal of Laws 2011, no. 111, item 653, as amended).

Patients will pay 100% for ambulance transport if they are able to travel using aids and orthopaedic appliances, without being permanently aided by another person, and are able to travel by public transport.

Ambulance transport order is issued by the doctor who deems such transport necessary.

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