Medical records


Medical records are property of a respective healthcare centre. However, each healthcare centre must make medical records available to:

  • The patient or his/her statutory representative;
  • A person authorized by the patient;
  • Authorized bodies at their request;
  • If the patient dies, a person authorised by him/her during the patient’s lifetime.

Access to medical records can be provided upon approval by the Head of the Polyclinic.

Access to medical records can be provided in the following ways:

  • Viewing records at the outpatient clinic;
  • Patient or authorised person receives copies of the records;
  • If an authorised body demands submission of original records, patient or authorised person receives original records and must acknowledge receipt thereof and undertake to return them after they have been examined.

In order to receive a copy of medical records, please

  • Submit a written application at the Polyclinic Office, room 214, 1st floor, Monday to Friday, 8am to 2pm, or at the reception desk (application forms are available from the reception desk, polyclinic office, and clinics);
  • If the records are to be collected by a different person, the applicant must also submit his/her authorisation for this person to receive applicant’s information and records, signed in the presence of a doctor, medical secretary, Polyclinic registration clerk; otherwise the application must be accompanied by signatures of the applicant and his/her representative certified by a notary public or an official authority;
  • Records shall be made available within three workdays of the date when the application is submitted;
  • Copies can be collected at the Polyclinic office, room 214, 1st floor, Monday to Friday, 8am to 2pm;
  • At the applicant’s request, records can be sent by registered mail, subject to a charge (for each copied page, envelope and stamp), return receipt requested;
  • Receipt of a copy must be acknowledged by the issuant and recipient, also the date must be given on the acknowledgement, and the application must be added to the medical records held by the healthcare centre.


  • Access to medical records is subject to a charge, calculated based on the average monthly salary in Poland for the previous quarter, as announced by the Chief of the Central Statistical Office;
  • Payment is to be made at the cashier’s office of the Polyclinic, Monday to Friday, from 8am until 2pm (calculation details are also available from the cashier’s office).

Legal grounds:

  1. Patient Rights and Healthcare Ombudsman Act of 6 November 2008 (Journal of Laws 2009, no. 52, item 417, as amended);
  2. Order by the Minister of Health of 21 December 2006 concerning the types of medical records kept at healthcare facilities and processing thereof (Journal of Laws 2006, no. 247, item 1819, as amended);
  3. Order by the Minister of National Defence of 18 December 2009 (as amended) concerning the types of medical records kept at healthcare facilities created by the Ministry of National Defence and processing thereof (Journal of Law 2009, no. 222, item 1765, as amended).

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