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Salt Cave

Salt Cave
Thursday 26 September, 2019

The sea salt cave is used for rehabilitation, medical and preventive purposes. The microclimate inside the cave ensures bacteria-free environment. The right humidity and air temperature, as well as saturation with e.g. iodine, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium or selenium compounds creates perfect conditions for human body.

The salt cave is particularly recommended as supportive in treatment of various types of diseases such as recurring infections of the upper and lower airways, chronic non-infectious rhinosinusitis, allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, asthma, allergic skin changes, neurosis and exhaustion. Regular visits to the salt cave improve mental condition by increasing stress resistance and concentration, recuperating physical strength and vital force, as well as bringing significant improvement in mental performance.

How to use the salt cave:

It is recommended to:
wear comfortable loose clothes;
refrain from using cosmetics with too intensive smell;
after entering the cave, sit comfortably in the armchair and enjoy the microclimate;
if feeling unwell, immediately leave the cave.
It is obligatory to:
before entering the salt cave, switch off mobile phones and refrain from using them for the duration of the stay;
leave outdoor clothing such as coats, jackets at the cloakroom;
you must not touch the walls or remove salt crystals from the cave.
Children up to 12 years of age must be accompanied by adults.

– Adiults – 9,00 PLN
– Concessions – 7,00 PLN

Adults, 5 visits – 40,00 PLN, concessions, 5 visits – 30,00 PLN
Adults, 10 visits – 75,00 PLN, concessions, 10 visits – 55,00 PLN

Free admittance for childern under 3.

Persons eligible for concessions: seniors, pensioners, students, disabled people.
Fees to be paid at the Hospital’s or Polyclinic cashier’s office.

Prior appointments must be made:

Monday to Friday 08.00 – 16.00 on +48 261 416 161
or in person at the Rehabilitation Department