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Research Council

Research Council

The Research Council supports scientific progress of the hospital and is an advisory body to the Head of the Hospital in respect of choosing directions for such progress, with emphasis on military medicine.

Members of the Research Council include independent researchers and selected doctors.

Chairman: Prof Lech WALASEK, MD PhD;

Deputy (Chairman of the Scientific Research Commission):

Prof Marek HARAT, MD PhD;

Deputy (Chairman of the Scientific and Professional Progress Commission):

Krzysztof LEKSOWSKI, MD PhD;

Secretary: Jacek Rzeszotarski, MD, PhD.

Research and Training meetings allow the staff, and particularly young doctors, to develop their interests and learn about the latest medical achievements, or current trends in diagnostics and treatment.

Chairman: Aleksander Goch, MD PhD.

Magazine: “Valetudinaria – Postępy Medycyny Klinicznej i Wojskowej” (Valetudinaria – Latest Achievements in Clinical and Military Medicine) is a magazine where the staff can publish their articles, and which encourages scientific activity among medical personnel.

The magazine publishes a wide range of material – which includes original and clinical articles, overviews, case studies, as well reports from scientific conferences, conventions and training – allowing authors to present their research and training activities.

Readers are encouraged to commit their work to the magazine.