In 1985, the 10th Military Research Hospital and Polyclinic, Independent Public Healthcare Centre, was opened in Bydgoszcz as a modern and multi-specialization facility. Surgical needs were secured by the Operating Suite, which consisted of 5 operating theatres in the main area and an on-duty sterile room located at a different floor, next to the Admissions. For 20 years, the Operating Suite sufficed for surgeries on hospital patients. However, when the surgical needs began to grow and new surgical procedures and techniques appeared – but most of all for the safety of patients and to meet new healthcare requirements – the Hospital Headquarters decided to build a new place for the Operating Suite.

As a result, a new Integrated Operating Suite launched its operations on 13 October 2008, following an official opening attended by military command, local authorities and spiritual leaders. The main part of the Integrated Operating Suite is composed of 10 operating theatres used by the Surgery Unit, Neurosurgery Unit, Orthopaedics and Motor System Surgery Unit, Cardiosurgery Clinical Ward, Urology and Urologic Oncology Clinical Ward, and Gynaecology Clinical Ward. Operating theatres have been configured to ensure the highest degree of cleanliness, allowing doctors to perform operations with the strictest aseptic requirements, such as brain and heart surgery or any kind of implantation. The neurosurgery theatres are equipped with a CT scanner for interoperative use. Air conditioning and state-of-the-art LED surgical lights ensure suitable standards of hygiene, humidity, temperature and lighting in the operating field. The devices on-hand enable our doctors to perform a broad scope of highly specialised surgeries in all of the abovementioned fields. We put special emphasis on the development of low-invasive techniques: videoscopic surgery of large intestine, stomach, bladder and bile ducts, thoracic surgery, urology and arthroscopy. The level of our financial outlays on equipment and continuous training mean that patients are safe, comfortable and effectively treated.

Koordynator Zintegrowanego Bloku Operacyjnego

dr n. med. Sebastian Tomaszewski
specjalista chirurgii ogólnej

Pielęgniarka Oddziałowa Zintegrowanego Bloku Operacyjnego

mgr Aleksandra Bąk
spec. pielęgniarstwa operacyjnego

Accreditation Certificate of the Minister of Health


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