10th Military Research Hospital and Policlinic in Bydgoszcz implemented a project no. WND-POIS.12.02.00-00-002/08 as part of the Priority 12: “Health, safety and improvement of health protection system”, Action 12.2 “Investments in health protection infrastructure with supraregional importance” „Increasing quality and accessibility of health services provided by the 10th MRHP in Bydgoszcz by purchasing intensive care equipment”.

The co-funding contract was signed on 13.09.2010. The project was implemented by 30 June 2012 as stipulated in the contract.

Total project value: PLN 13,624,761.06including:

  • co-funding from the European Fund for Regional Development – PLN 6,373,582.55
  • co-funding by the Ministry of Health – PLN 1,124,749.86
  • co-funding by the Ministry of National Defence – PLN 6,126,428.65

The project is aimed to improve the efficiency of healthcare through investing in specialist state-of-the-art medical equipment for the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Clinical Ward. The project is also intended to increase availability of specialised and highly specialised healthcare services and improve quality of services by purchasing advanced diagnostic equipment that meets European standards. The project will furthermore facilitate accessibility and quality of services provided by the hospital. Moreover, it will improve the efficiency of services at a supraregional scale, leading to an improvement in residents’ health condition as a result.

Main beneficiaries of the project and the infrastructure users are:

  • region’s residents and non-residents who use services provided by the hospital,
  • employees of the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Clinical Ward,
  • representatives of other healthcare units cooperating with the 10th Military Research Hospital and Policlinic in Bydgoszcz (e.g. consultants),
  • trainees and doctors specialised in anaesthesiology and intensive care,
  • other hospital personnel.

This project involves purchases of medical equipment and devices, ward equipment, technical devices and equipment (monitors, computers), as well as purchases and installation of HIS system.

Medical equipment and devices purchased as part of the project:

  1. Respirator with adjustment of oxygen concentration within a range of 21-100 % – 20 items.
  2. Cardiac monitor – 7 items
  3. Diphasic defibrillator with cardioversion and heart stimulation – 7 items
  4. Intensive care bed with anti-bedsore mattress – 4 items
  5. Intensive care bed with anti-bedsore mattress – 18 items
  6. Intensive care transport bed – 10 items
  7. PICCO low-invasive cardiac output measurement device – 3 items
  8. General anaesthesia device for monitoring of EKG, SaO2, NIBP, capnography, breath and temperature, IBP with anaesthetic respirator and anaesthetic gases monitoring – 6 items
  9. Invasive blood pressure measurements modules – 22 items
  10. Mobile monitor for capnography and ECG, SaO2, NIBP, breath and temperature monitoring – 5 items
  11. Infusion pump (syringe pump) – 199 items
  12. Volumetric pump (drip pump) – 22 items
  13. Feeding pump – 22 items
  14. PCA syringe pump – 20 items
  15. Intracranial pressure monitoring device – 3 items
  16. BIS XP brain monitoring anaesthesia depth monitor – 8 items
  17. Pump docking station – 44 items
  18. Docking station cover – 22 items
  19. One-bed one-arm pendant – 26 items
  20. Anaesthesia pendant – 1 item
  21. Surgery pendant – 1 item
  22. Medical trolley – 22 items
  23. Continuous renal replacement therapy equipment (haemofiltration and haemoperfusion) – 2 items

Project co-financed by the European Union from the funds of the European Fund for Regional Development

Accreditation Certificate of the Minister of Health


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