The Medical IT provides the Hospital with comprehensive IT services such as:

  • designing utility applications;
  • maintaining operational condition of the Hospital’s and Policlinic’s IT equipment and application programmes;
  • planning, administration and maintenance of local telecommunications networks;
  • training in operation of new equipment;
  • telemedicine;
  • IT maintenance of digital radiography

The dynamic and professional IT team ensures continuous development of the division and their knowledge of the Hospital’s operation allows IT tools to be developed that make work easier for others.

Lt.Col. Remigiusz Kulbaka, MSc
Head of the Department

Kierownik Zakładu Informatyki Medycznej

ppłk mgr inż. Remigiusz Kulbaka


Accreditation Certificate of the Minister of Health


ul. Powstańców Warszawy 5, 85-681 Bydgoszcz

NIP: 554-031-25-10

REGON: 090538318

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