The HR Division is comprised of two Sections: Employment Section, Payroll Section and Contracts Section. Their task is to implement the Hospital’s HR policy mainly by developing materials and records of all matters related to:

  • employment, allocation, re-allocation, promotion and dismissal of employees, as well as compliance with the relevant regulations of the Labour Code or executive and departmental regulations.
  • employee remuneration, including developing the payroll for civil personnel, transfer of pays and preparing additional payments, i.e. long service awards, retirement gratuities, holiday pays.
  • preparing and controlling services contained in contracts.

The HR Management Division is operated mainly in pursuance of such normative documents as:

  • Statute of the 10th Military Research Hospital and Policlinic approved by the Minister of National Defence dated 5 December 2005.
  • Healthcare Centres Act of 30 August 1991 as amended (Journal of Laws no. 91, item 408 as amended).
  • Personal Data Protection Act dated 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws no. 133, item 883 as amended).
  • Labour Code Act dated 24 June 1974 (Journal of Laws dated 1998 no. 21, item 94 as amended).
  • Tax Law dated 29 August 1977 (Journal of Laws no. 137, item 926 as amended).
  • Sickness and Maternity Social Insurance Pecuniary Benefits Act dated 3 February 1995 (Journal of Laws no. 16, item 17).
  • Collective Labour Agreement.

Kierownik Sekcji Zatrudnienia

mgr Aneta Wiśniewska

tel. 261 417 377

Kierownik Sekcji Płac

mgr Agnieszka Wonsewicz

tel. 261 416 201

Kierownik Sekcji Umów Cywilno-Prawnych

mgr Katarzyna Kaczmarek

tel. 261 417 059

Kierownik Sekcji Planowania i Szkolenia

mgr Dariusz Sztalmirski

tel. 261 417 404

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