• taking care of the Hospital’s Head Office’s organisational and administrative matters;
  • planning and organisational tasks regarding day-to-day operations of the Hospital;
  • handling financial and personal matters related to professional soldiers;
  • developing, updating and editing documents and normative acts;
  • performing national security, crisis management and military tasks;
  • providing trainings to professional soldiers;
  • keeping records of loss adjustments at the Hospital;
  • keeping records of donations;
  • performing marketing and health promotion tasks;
  • Patient Satisfaction Assessment;
  • preparing tenders for comprehensive medical services;
  • drawing up contracts for delivery of medical services;
  • creating the Hospital’s image;
  • Hospital’s website content administration;
  • provision of comprehensive administration services to the Hospital’s business partners and patients;
  • organising state and military celebrations;
  • providing information to patients;
  • developing the Hospital’s inventory plan and stocktaking.

These tasks are performed by the Division’s respective sections:

  • records and remuneration section,
  • marketing and health promotion section: medical information centre
  • stocktaking section

Kierownik Wydziału Organizacyjno-Administracyjnego

Elżbieta Kuchta

tel. 261 417 369

Kierownik Sekcji Organizacyjno-Promocyjnej

mgr Łukasz Błażejewski

tel. 261 417 461

Accreditation Certificate of the Minister of Health


ul. Powstańców Warszawy 5, 85-681 Bydgoszcz

NIP: 554-031-25-10

REGON: 090538318

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