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Public Procurement Division

The Public Procurement Division coordinates and oversees Hospital’s organizational units with regard to public procurement.

Adress of unit

10 Wojskowy Szpital Kliniczny z Polikliniką SP ZOZ
ul. Powstańców Warszawy 5

Mobile phone:

mjr mgr Dariusz Wojcieszak: 261 417 448
Barbara Baranowska: 261 417 364
Agnieszka Przykłota: 261 417 449
Karolina Kornowska: 261 417 449


mjr mgr Dariusz Wojcieszak:
Barbara Baranowska:
Agnieszka Przykłota:
Karolina Kornowska:

Kierownik Sekcji Zamówień Publicznych

mjr mgr Dariusz Wojcieszak
Scope of activity

conducts tendering procedures for requests submitted by the Divisions and Organizational Sectors of the Hospital in accordance with applicable regulations;
maintains a register of all awarded contracts with the value exceeding that set forth in article 8, section 11 of the Public Procurement Act;
collects information from respective organizational sections on awarded contracts with the value exceeding that that set forth in article 8, section 11 of the Act;
provides explanation and assessment of tenders to the Head of the Hospital and to the managers of the hospital’s organizational sections;
works with the Finance Sector on contract awarding strategy in accordance with the Hospital’s financial strategy, as well as on accepting and releasing bid and performance bonds;
prepares and submits annual reports on awarded contracts.